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Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Update So Far...

Sorry for those of you who were waiting so long for my next post. Its been a rough week, and I just couldn't find the motivation to type anything out.

So for those of you who took interest in my girlfriend situation, I still don't know whats going to happen. I went over to her house the other night, and either spent the entire night sitting on the couch watching Family Guy on my Ipod or playing Borderlands with her brother, while she went back and forth playing Halo Reach on Live, with her ex crush no less, or playing WoW while conversing with my best friend. Eventually we left her house and I got her to myself for a few minutes, but then she wanted to go to my best friends house to try and get high. I have no clue whats going on. But I'm gonna take your advice and wait it out. So here's me hoping for the best. Thanks for all the help.

I've also been sick this week. Got hit with a cold the size of Texas, and I'm just barely getting over it. I don't know if my body just dealt with it on its own, or if it really had something to do with these pills I was given. I got them from a special doctor, called a Nature Path. Basically, he uses natural elements and tests your "energy" to make you better. Not sure how I feel about that. His whole diagnosis process was grabbing my arm, applying pressure, and poking me. Very interesting. If these pills are indeed doing the trick, well then I might just have to believe him. But there's no real way of knowing.

Had a job interview this week as well. I was really stoked for it. I really felt I had this one in the bag. Obviously though, I didn't get it, or I wouldn't be speaking in such a manner. I have no idea what happened, but it turned out I was one of the first cut, from 40 people! I knew there had to be better than me, but did I really do so badly? I thought I answered their questions efficiently. It's just whatever though. Burger King, here I come. :/

So basically this week really turned into an FML week. For those of you who cared enough to listen to me bitching about my life, thanks for hanging in. For those who scrolled right through this one, or didn't even give it a glance, its okay. I probably don't care about your problems either.

Probably gonna put something new up today. I've been having some money problems, so it'll probably be somewhere along those lines. Check it out, tell me what you think. Thanks for all the comments on my last posts. I'll try and look over yours and leave some comments of my own. Have a good one, Blogger.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow...I might be addicted!

Ok, so that title is a bit misleading. First of all, I'm not addicted to anything. And the addiction in question is one of those that you don't see often, but can just be as destructive as drugs or alcohol. I'll give you a hint to what it is. Its abbreviation is in the title of this post. Yeah, were talking about World Of Warcraft. The worlds most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG for short. Now don't get me wrong. I love the game. One of the funnest things I've ever played. Its not playing it thats the issue at hand, but playing it too much. Too really understand my problem, you need to know a bit about whats been going on in my life recently. Me and my friends have all been playing WoW for a few months now. I don't have my account, I just hold a toon on a friends account, and I play with my other friends. Now in real life, I just met this awesome new girl, who I quickly made my girlfriend. She's funny, cute, smart, and she loves video games. Especially WoW. Problem is, she may love WoW too much. Even watching her watching someone play the game, you can see the excitement in her eyes. Now until recently, she had all but forgotten about WoW. This was before I knew her. But of course when we start dating, she's reintroduced to her long time passion through me and my friends. And I could see the fire rekindling. Suddenly shes asking questions, telling us about her charachters, and then next thing I know, shes asking her mom to reinstate her account so she can get sucked back into this thing that controlled her for so long now. I come visit her at her house and she won't even leave the computer screen, even though she's just downloading the CD's still. She doesn't want to miss a single moment of game playing action. And in this lies my dilemma. I have very strong feelings for this girl, and I can't help but feel that I'm going to lose her to this virtual world. She says we can play together, but really I don't want too. I wanna be with her. I wanna go do things outside, I wanna explore, I wanna live life, all of this with her at my side. But what can I do when she can barely acknowledge that I'm there?? The game is in the process of downloading, but I feel as soon as that screen pops and she re enters that world, shes lost forever. Offer me some opinions. What shall I do?? Should I end it now, wait it out and see how devout she is, or just try and bear with it? Let me know what you think. You're opinion is important to me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In The Name Of All That Rocks, Pops, or Raps

Music is no longer just something we listen too in today's society. Music is a fuel. A fuel for hate, for anger, for all out verbal war. Something so efficient in bringing people closer together, is just as effective at tearing people apart. We see people, everyday, who are so eager to defend their music, to prove that it is the supreme listening experience and everyone should enjoy it, that they'll tear down entire columns of people united under a different music, just too feel as if they have a foot up on the competition. It seems that all these types of music are clashing as they always have, but somehow the fight has escalated to a personal level. These fanboys of one musical clique are right at your doorstep, waiting for you to open that door, to deliver a rage induced, hate filled, punch to the face. Justin Beiber, Insane Clown Posse, Marilyn Manson. Just a few of the more controversial artists being fought over in this never ending tug of war. Their fans are behind computers, record counters, stages, and thousands of other places, going to battle for the music they hold dear to their hearts. Why must it be this way? Why must we tear each other limb from limb over the music we listen too? Of all the things too fight over, this seems to be the most ridiculous. Music was meant to bring together, not tear apart. Do you see the artists themselves duking it out on stage every night? If their above it, why can't we be? Why can't we just let it go? Let them listen to what they listen too, while we listen to what we like as well. Disagreement is only human nature, but for this incredibly small unimportant issue to turn into this bloody war is not even something an animal would do. The human race needs to forget about such trivial issues, and instead focus on the shape of this world, and what its becoming in the midst of our incessant upheaval. We are the ones who are poisoning the world, with our words and our actions, and perhaps with one less thing to argue about, the world could have one more thing better with it. And thats something that is always welcome. Disagree with me all you want, but you know that this fight is pointless, and that everything being said is childish and ignorant. Soon this war won't be fought over computer screens. Blood will be spilt. And what will we do then?
Think about it.

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A River Makes One Realize

In times of dire boredom, my legs come to my rescue, forcing me to remove myself from any boring situation, and carry me somewhere new and interesting. On many nights such as these, my legs carry me to the river side, late at night. I suppose they like the peace. My brain certainly likes the time it gets to think. My mind drifts, back and forth, making itself believe that every thought is profound. In many situations, the thoughts do hold some prevalence, but mostly these are just self realizations, if they can be considered realizations at all. Many are just reinforcements, of other things that you'd think I would remember, but I don't. Tonight was one of the deepest reminders yet. As my legs carried me away through the mysterious night time settings of downtown, taking in the beauty, and reveling in the quiet, which was rudely interrupted. As I walk along this building, which I believe was either an insurance company or a law office, the radio suddenly bursts on from the sidewalk awning above. As if it were meant just for me, the radio station introduced itself as our local soft rock station, and began to play a song that struck me to the core. I have no idea the title, but the chorus ends with "I just haven't met you yet." The mans search for love. And you know this strikes me instantly. Here I am, a person whose been lonely for most of my life, with the occasional relationship interrupting my one man show. Those are the happiest moments of my life. But I haven't found the one that can make me feel the joy that this song expressed. There have been times where it seems hopeless, like I'll never find her, but the high point of the chorus drives the point home. "I just haven't met you yet." All of us are meant for love, even if the world says otherwise. We just have to find that one that will allow us to express love as it should be expressed. It is unconditional, and irrational. Simple and beautiful. Passionate, and perfectly designed. The most coveted human emotion. She's out there gentlemen. Just hold on. She'll be yours, and everything you could ever want will be yours. Enjoy that thought. Have a good life.