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Monday, October 11, 2010

In The Name Of All That Rocks, Pops, or Raps

Music is no longer just something we listen too in today's society. Music is a fuel. A fuel for hate, for anger, for all out verbal war. Something so efficient in bringing people closer together, is just as effective at tearing people apart. We see people, everyday, who are so eager to defend their music, to prove that it is the supreme listening experience and everyone should enjoy it, that they'll tear down entire columns of people united under a different music, just too feel as if they have a foot up on the competition. It seems that all these types of music are clashing as they always have, but somehow the fight has escalated to a personal level. These fanboys of one musical clique are right at your doorstep, waiting for you to open that door, to deliver a rage induced, hate filled, punch to the face. Justin Beiber, Insane Clown Posse, Marilyn Manson. Just a few of the more controversial artists being fought over in this never ending tug of war. Their fans are behind computers, record counters, stages, and thousands of other places, going to battle for the music they hold dear to their hearts. Why must it be this way? Why must we tear each other limb from limb over the music we listen too? Of all the things too fight over, this seems to be the most ridiculous. Music was meant to bring together, not tear apart. Do you see the artists themselves duking it out on stage every night? If their above it, why can't we be? Why can't we just let it go? Let them listen to what they listen too, while we listen to what we like as well. Disagreement is only human nature, but for this incredibly small unimportant issue to turn into this bloody war is not even something an animal would do. The human race needs to forget about such trivial issues, and instead focus on the shape of this world, and what its becoming in the midst of our incessant upheaval. We are the ones who are poisoning the world, with our words and our actions, and perhaps with one less thing to argue about, the world could have one more thing better with it. And thats something that is always welcome. Disagree with me all you want, but you know that this fight is pointless, and that everything being said is childish and ignorant. Soon this war won't be fought over computer screens. Blood will be spilt. And what will we do then?
Think about it.