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Monday, October 11, 2010

A River Makes One Realize

In times of dire boredom, my legs come to my rescue, forcing me to remove myself from any boring situation, and carry me somewhere new and interesting. On many nights such as these, my legs carry me to the river side, late at night. I suppose they like the peace. My brain certainly likes the time it gets to think. My mind drifts, back and forth, making itself believe that every thought is profound. In many situations, the thoughts do hold some prevalence, but mostly these are just self realizations, if they can be considered realizations at all. Many are just reinforcements, of other things that you'd think I would remember, but I don't. Tonight was one of the deepest reminders yet. As my legs carried me away through the mysterious night time settings of downtown, taking in the beauty, and reveling in the quiet, which was rudely interrupted. As I walk along this building, which I believe was either an insurance company or a law office, the radio suddenly bursts on from the sidewalk awning above. As if it were meant just for me, the radio station introduced itself as our local soft rock station, and began to play a song that struck me to the core. I have no idea the title, but the chorus ends with "I just haven't met you yet." The mans search for love. And you know this strikes me instantly. Here I am, a person whose been lonely for most of my life, with the occasional relationship interrupting my one man show. Those are the happiest moments of my life. But I haven't found the one that can make me feel the joy that this song expressed. There have been times where it seems hopeless, like I'll never find her, but the high point of the chorus drives the point home. "I just haven't met you yet." All of us are meant for love, even if the world says otherwise. We just have to find that one that will allow us to express love as it should be expressed. It is unconditional, and irrational. Simple and beautiful. Passionate, and perfectly designed. The most coveted human emotion. She's out there gentlemen. Just hold on. She'll be yours, and everything you could ever want will be yours. Enjoy that thought. Have a good life.

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