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Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Update So Far...

Sorry for those of you who were waiting so long for my next post. Its been a rough week, and I just couldn't find the motivation to type anything out.

So for those of you who took interest in my girlfriend situation, I still don't know whats going to happen. I went over to her house the other night, and either spent the entire night sitting on the couch watching Family Guy on my Ipod or playing Borderlands with her brother, while she went back and forth playing Halo Reach on Live, with her ex crush no less, or playing WoW while conversing with my best friend. Eventually we left her house and I got her to myself for a few minutes, but then she wanted to go to my best friends house to try and get high. I have no clue whats going on. But I'm gonna take your advice and wait it out. So here's me hoping for the best. Thanks for all the help.

I've also been sick this week. Got hit with a cold the size of Texas, and I'm just barely getting over it. I don't know if my body just dealt with it on its own, or if it really had something to do with these pills I was given. I got them from a special doctor, called a Nature Path. Basically, he uses natural elements and tests your "energy" to make you better. Not sure how I feel about that. His whole diagnosis process was grabbing my arm, applying pressure, and poking me. Very interesting. If these pills are indeed doing the trick, well then I might just have to believe him. But there's no real way of knowing.

Had a job interview this week as well. I was really stoked for it. I really felt I had this one in the bag. Obviously though, I didn't get it, or I wouldn't be speaking in such a manner. I have no idea what happened, but it turned out I was one of the first cut, from 40 people! I knew there had to be better than me, but did I really do so badly? I thought I answered their questions efficiently. It's just whatever though. Burger King, here I come. :/

So basically this week really turned into an FML week. For those of you who cared enough to listen to me bitching about my life, thanks for hanging in. For those who scrolled right through this one, or didn't even give it a glance, its okay. I probably don't care about your problems either.

Probably gonna put something new up today. I've been having some money problems, so it'll probably be somewhere along those lines. Check it out, tell me what you think. Thanks for all the comments on my last posts. I'll try and look over yours and leave some comments of my own. Have a good one, Blogger.


  1. Got a job interview for mcdonalds tomorrow, "Part tim, ofc lol" just doing it to pay for my car and lots of alcohol, anyways good look with your situation !

  2. Hope it starts looking up for you.

  3. hope you feel better and get that job.